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    So, of course you’ve come here looking for all the best electronics and to see when the amazing Aerify Rabbit will be ready for consumers across the globe. But there are even more, equally awesome, ways for you to keep in touch with us! We at AerifyDigital really love the spotlight and want you to find us on all social media platforms. Its, quite clearly, the best way to get up to the minute news, sales, and updates. You can follow us on facebook, instagram, and on twitter at @aerifydigital. I promise we’ll be better than your aunt who only posts political nonsense or your little brother who wont stop tweeting about all the noobs he pwns in Call of Duty. We give you useful and money saving information on products that will help change 3d printing forever! We even made it easy for you! See those little buttons at the bottom of the screen? Click them and have your senses filled with awesome!

  • New product on the way! Code-name AerTiny!

    We never stop innovating here at AerifyDigital! Along with our fantastic Aertouch we are adding a smaller and sleeker model code named AerTiny! This new Aertouch will have the same fantastic functionality found on the original, but come in a smaller package. Not only will you be able to regulate temperature to an incredibly precise degree, but now you’ll be able to do it over bluetooth. We are working on letting the AerTiny connect to your smart devices or computer meaning you wont have to poke a single button again ever for the rest of your life if you don’t want to! Look forward to its release in the coming months!

  • AerfiyDigital AerPID New Product Listed! AerPID

    Some people are hard to read. You can never tell if they’re keeping their cool or if they’re all heated up. Well, we certainly can’t do anything about that here at AerifyDigital… if we could we wouldn’t be selling awesome electronic accessories. What we can do is provide a device that can accurately and precisely control temperature, which is the next best thing! You’ll always know exactly how the AerPID (literally) feels because you can set the exact temperature you want, and it will hold that temperature. And with our intuitive user interface the AerPID is always easy to read. Versatile, easy to use, easy to read: The AerPID from AerifyDigital. Better than people.

  • New Products Listed! Atomizer Stands!

    Where does your atomizer go when you sleep? Does it lay precariously close to the edge of your nightstand almost begging to roll off? Does it seem to hide from your sleepy, fumbling fingers when you reach for it in the morning? We’ve been there, too. That’s why AerifyDigital imagined, printed and polished a solution. Our store features a variety of 3D printed atomizer stands to keep your rig and accessories beautifully displayed and most importantly, off the floor. They come in all the colors and sizes you can dream of (as long as you are dreaming of our stock). Sleep easy.